Seek HQ - Boardroom Table

The largest piece in our scope for the Seek HQ project was this 26-seat boardroom table. 

At a monumental 9000mm x 1400mm x 750mm (LxWxH) in size and hand crafted in solid Victorian Ash, this huge table was designed and made for reassembly in the Seek HQ boardroom overlooking AAMI Park, the MCG and the Melbourne CBD.

Whether you are sitting at a table this large, or making a table this large, your attention will always be drawn to the details. 

So with this in mind, I designed this piece not only to reassemble on site, but to reassemble in a way where the joins and seams between components, and the overall layout of these components add to the aesthetic and to the functional structure of the table. 

There are so many subtle details at play in this piece.  From the way this huge table top was designed to reassemble on site, to the pencil edges at every seam of this table top assembly, to the soft radius on the edges of the table bases and the underside of the 8m long beams, to the soft limited round over to the underside of the table top edges. 

Alone, these details are not particularly noteworthy, but together and at scale, they harmonise into something special.

It felt good putting this together on site.

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