Pickapart High Table

The Pickapart Series is a modular, flat pack, knockdown, future-proof series of furniture - tables, desks, and benches. The series comprises of 15 high quality components, used universally in the assembly of 10 table sizes.

Ideas driving the concept were focused on the challenge of producing high quality furniture in Australia - at an accessible price point for Australian consumers.

I decided universal modular componentry could achieve this. 

The structural concept for both the frame and tabletop is designed around contemporary and glueless iterations of fine woodworking joints - all pinned together with a purpose designed compression joint – machined in brass.

Possible Sizes:

600 x 600 x 740
600 x 900 x 740
900 x 900 x 740
600 x 1200 x 740
900 x 1200 x 740

American Oak (frame)
Birch Plywood with American Oak Veneer (table top)